By making their inventory available to buyers via private marketplaces, publishers are able to confidently monetize inventory, as they maintain control over who has access to these premium audiences while providing advertisers with full transparency into where their campaigns run.

PubMatic is leading the way with an easy-to-use, streamlined workflow, and best-in-class funnel analysis to assist in setting up, troubleshooting, and optimizing deals. In addition, we use machine-learning, multi-bidding, and fraud detection to further improve PMP performance.


Combining the efficiency of OpenRTB with the transparency of direct sold campaigns, PMP-Guaranteed (PMP-G) allows publishers to have confidence making their exclusive inventory available programmatically. To facilitate the growing need for data-driven decisioning at the impression-level, advertisers can utilize our PMP-G solution for real-time audience data to purchase and optimize premium display and video inventory across channels and devices—all within one holistic programmatic guaranteed platform.


Auction Packages are self-service, real-time planning and impression forecasting tools that improve audience discovery and simplify workflow across multiple publishers in one deal ID. Via pre-built packages or custom built packages, Buyers can seamlessly activate first-party data and transact on second-party audiences in brand safe environments, with less time spent in negotiation and troubleshooting. Data owners benefit from increased control, transparent costs, and usage insights. With recent changes in identity resolution and privacy concerns, PubMatic’s Auction Packages provide the audience data pipelines to securely share data between the publisher and buyer, without the risk of data leakage.

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Livingly Media and PubMatic: Increasing Annual PMP Revenue

Livingly Media, headquartered in Silicon Valley, reaches over 20 million monthly readers across its four properties. They ran a 100 percent programmatic business model for online advertising, relying exclusively on automated auction dynamics. After partnering with PubMatic to improve monetization for their premium inventory by implementing a Private Marketplace (PMP) strategy, they were able to increase their annual PMP revenue by more than 380 percent. Learn how in this case study. 


Private Marketplace – Guaranteed (PMP-G)

For advertisers and publishers looking for the scale and data advantages of the open market, with the predictability and brand safety of direct sold campaigns, Private Marketplace – Guaranteed enables the best of both worlds. Through this powerful buying channel PubMatic enabled a 3X lift in yield for a leading global real estate publisher.


How to Glean Publisher Benefits from PMPs

PubMatic took a step forward to help publishers grow their PMP revenue by packaging and promoting deals that buyers actually want to buy. Learn more.


Private Marketplaces – Where Brand Spend Is Shifting

Private marketplace (PMP) momentum continues to grow. Learn about the history of PMPs, the power of PMP-Guaranteed and PubMatic's suggested best practices.