If recent history tells us anything, it’s that change and disruption are inevitable. This is especially true when it comes to identity and addressability. Third-party cookie deprecation, IDFA changes, consumer privacy concerns, and regulatory shifts could all throw a wrench in the best-laid plans. As an advertiser or publisher, how can you get ahead of the game and future proof for what’s to come? How can you continue to engage audiences accurately and remain privacy-centric? We’re here to help you discover strategies and solutions to safeguard revenue and ROI for tomorrow, today. Now, more than ever, you need the power of an industry-leading partner to guide you on the path to the addressable future.

Working with supply-side leaders such as PubMatic, we will help bring publishers an identity solution that offers transparency and interoperability that preserves the value of relevant advertising for them, while improving control for their consumers

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Addressability isn’t a one and done proposition. Change is coming and you need every advantage to meet whatever challenges lie down the road. A top-notch partner is one that has the insights, expertise, talent and the tech stack at their disposal to solve for the identity problems of tomorrow. Publishers and buyers need to have the confidence that their future is in the hands of a team that has steered customers to revenue and ROI before. Now is the time to ask the tough questions. How nimble is the team supporting you? How can they assure you that their expertise, partnerships, technology and roadmap will put you on the right path? Get in touch today and find out how PubMatic solutions, including Identity Hub and Audience Encore, are part of the innovative path to the addressable future.

PubMatic Addressability Innovation

  • Get access to the top ID providers
  • Benefit from deep expertise with privacy regulations such as GDPR/CCPA
  • Be supported by a global tech footprint, unmatched scale and peerless integration team


Audience addressability is essential so buyers can recognize a publisher’s audience and bid more on its inventory, maximizing publisher revenue and buyer campaign performance. The future of addressability has data at its core. Publishers and advertisers need access to independent, open-source and privacy-respecting ID providers with the highest level of scale and performance – avoiding the pitfalls of the walled gardens. Publishers need ease of implementation and the revenue opportunities from one of the largest supply platforms and most robust curated independent ID networks. Buyers benefit from the safety, transparency and ROI of access to premium inventory matched to peerless addressability. Get in touch today and find out how PubMatic solutions, including Identity Hub and Audience Encore, are curated to put you on the path to the addressable future.

PubMatic Addressability Curation

  • Access to the most IDs for reach and scale across the open internet
  • Leading IDs activated by default
  • Direct partnerships to boost media efficacy and ROI


Solving for the future of addressability is a challenge that demands partnerships that deliver the solutions, expertise, and value publishers and advertisers need. You should have full confidence that your SSP is leading with publisher and data partner integrations, while enhancing access and transparency for buyers. The future of addressability is likely to be driven by content, audiences, and the strong bonds content creators have forged – and the opportunities they can bring to advertisers. Be sure that whatever path you go down, your partners provide evidence of how they are helping all sides of the identity marketplace through a platform and services that solve for the addressable future. Reach out to us and learn how PubMatic solutions like Identity Hub and Audience Encore will put you on that path.

PubMatic Addressability Facilitation

  • Find transparency, built on Prebid and privacy compliant
  • Tap into one of the world’s most scaled global publisher networks
  • Benefit from robust cross-ID management


The path to the addressable future will have twists and turns, demanding a nimble strategy. To make sure you’re headed in the right direction, it’s critical to adopt a test and learn mindset. A leading addressability partner is one that will encourage you to take their recommendations and test them against competitors. This is the time to try and the time to learn. Activate a variety of ID partners. Make sure your SSP makes the premium data partners you need available to you. How do you act now to capture more first party data? As a publisher, look to sign-in tools and cooperatives you can work with. Talk to your SSP about whether you can benefit from spend through audience extension plays from other publishers. Make sure you ask how to enhance your capabilities in a cross-channel world. As an advertiser, do you have the right omnichannel partners? Are you building the foundation today to answer your addressability needs in the future? Get in touch today and find out how PubMatic solutions like Identity Hub and Audience Encore help you experiment to find your path to the addressable future.

PubMatic Addressability Experimentation

  • AB test the premium ID partners to find your match — deterministic and probabilistic
  • Get the bespoke strategies and solutions to meet your goals
  • Extend audiences to increase buyer revenue



Our identity solutions give back control to content creators and producers, increasing the value of their inventory, improving ad experiences for the consumer – and ROAS for the advertiser. Content becomes more valuable, creating engagement with premium audiences and value for buyers.